About Us

Mission & Vision

As a school community, we strive to bring every child an academically rigorous curricula that meets and exceeds national, state, and city standards—while simultaneously nurturing student potential in a caring, engaging, and safe environment.  Through this, we will prepare our students with the necessary academic, technical, and social skills to better serve our nation and the world in the 21st century.

Get to Know Our Principal!

Principal Ferron was born and raised in the Bronx, having served our community for over 20 years as an educator. 

After receiving his Bachelor and Master Degrees from St. John's University, Mr. Ferron began his career teaching History before transitioning to serving as a school administrator, a role he has held for the past 16 years. 

Having joined PPA in 2016, Mr. Ferron brought with him a style of leadership and educational approach that promotes student voice in a culture wherein our standards of learning prepare all learners to be college and career ready.

Why Pelham Prep?

At PPA, we are proud to offer numerous opportunities for your child, including:

  • Personalized Learning Environment
  • Computer Lab/Wireless Internet
  • Individualized College Planning
  • Partnership with College For Every Student (CFES)
  • Early College Awareness
  • Advanced Placement Classes
  • National and Spanish Honor Society
  • Academic Tutoring/Homework Help
  • Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band
  • CFES Mentor Program
  • Competitive Sports Teams
  • SAT/PSAT Classes
  • Clubs
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • "College Now" Classes at Lehman College
  • Gear-Up College Awareness

Cell Phone Policy

At Pelham Preparatory Academy, we have partnered with Yondr to make our school a phone-free space.  We believe in maintaining a safe, effective educational environment for all students.  We began our partnership in 2019, and it has proved successful for both students and staff.

Yondr allows students to keep their phones in their possession throughout the day, but only allows them access to the phone at the end of their day upon leaving the building.  The Yondr program employs a simple, easy-to-use case that stores a cell phone and requires an unlocking base to open. When students enter scanning in the morning, the phones are placed in their bags, which they will keep in their possession, locked until the end of their day at which time they unlock the bag retrieving its contents, keeping the bag in their possession for use at scanning in the morning.

Yondr pouches are distributed on the first day of school and on a rolling basis for new admits.

For more information on our cell phone policy, please review the attached letter---which discusses replacement fees, damages, etc.---as well as the Chancellor's Regulations for NYCDOE schools. 

General Response Protocol

Pelham Preparatory Academy, in coordination with Columbus Campus, implements protocols that focus on emergency preparedness in accordance with all NYC Public Schools.  Drills are conducted throughout the year to prepare our staff and students, and make improvements in emergency planning.

Under the General Response Protocol (GRP), we conducts drills designed to help prepare our school community for three different types of response to emergencies: 1) Evacuation, 2) Shelter-In, and 3) Lockdown.  To learn more about these General Response Protocols, please review the attached one-pager.

All families are reminded to update the Emergency Contact Cards that are on file in our main office, including information indicating phone numbers and the names of adults to whom the school may release children in an emergency. Furthermore, we recommend registering with Notify NYC allows families to receive information about emergency events, and calling 311 for additional information about a school during an emergency.

For more information, please review the attached links---which include a letter from Principal Ferron, a cheatsheet of Response Protocols, and a registration page for Notify NYC.

School-wide Policies