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  • End of Year Letter for Families

    Dear Families,

    Thank you for choosing New York City Public Schools and for trusting us to do right by your children. As I complete my first full year as Chancellor, I am filled with so much gratitude, admiration, and respect for you. Thank you for your unwavering partnership and the sacrifices you make to support your child’s education. Before we close out the year, I want to acknowledge some of the great things we have accomplished together,
    from enhancing our literacy programs and simplifying our admissions processes to reimagining special education and creating new pathways to launch all our students into the bright futures they deserve.

    Every day I’ve been in our schools this year has reinforced the brilliant promise of our children. I see it in the light in their eyes, the warmth of their smiles, and the strength of their spirit; it always energizes and inspires me. I will take their promise and their energy with me into the new year, as we keep a sharp focus on our mission: to ensure each student graduates on a pathway to a rewarding career and long-term economic security—and is equipped to be a positive force for change.

    I know that the holidays mean different things to different people, but I believe that no matter what or how we observe, the holidays bring out the best in us. Now is the time that we pause to reconnect with the people we love. To appreciate all that is good in our lives and, of course, to reflect, relax, and celebrate. For me, the holidays are also about looking forward to the second half of the school year. Part of my job is to ensure that my
    team and I return in January full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to create even more pathways for our children to achieve their dreams.

    I wish you a joyful holiday season and a healthy, prosperous new year, and I very much look forward to seeing you and your children in the new year.

    In gratitude,

    David C. Banks
    New York City Schools Chancellor

    Pelham Preparatory Academy
  • Recent Fire Alarms

    Dear Families,

    Recently the Columbus Campus community has experienced a series of pulled fire alarms within our campus, resulting in a profound disruption to your child’s education. Many of you have called us to make us aware of your concerns. The security and protection of your student’s education is our primary concern and we have heard your concerns. We are working on implementing many measures to address these disruptions.

    The leadership and staff of the Columbus Educational Campus take this issue very seriously and are working with representatives of the Superintendent’s office, the FDNY, the NYPD and the Office of Safety and Youth Development to address this issue and ensure that it does not continue.

    We look forward to putting a quick end to these disruptions. We appreciate your continued support of your children and our schools.

    Thank you for your time and attention.


    Columbus Campus Principals

    Pelham Preparatory Academy
  • Latest Issue of The Pelham Press

    Check out the latest issue of our very own The Pelham Press!  In this issue, you can important dates, what's going on in our school's clubs, what to watch on Netflix, a list of admits to the National Honors Society, and an in-depth look at the Christopher Columbus Boys Basketball Team!  To read more, open the PDF attached below or read right here.

    Pelham Preparatory Academy
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    Pelham Preparatory Academy
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